Fatal Flaw in S&S Application

JULY 15, 2013 P&Z Public Hearing at Bantam Gym*

We believe we have found a provision in the town’s regulations that is fatal to this Stop & Shop application.
Parking spaces as defined by Litchfield’s zoning regulations must be 300 sq ft. While S&S’s application contains a sea of parking spaces, none of them is 300 sq ft.

This is a crucial meeting, perhaps the final hearing. We want the Planning & Zoning Commission to know that the public is invested in their decision on Stop & Shop. We are prepared and we will see you there! Spread the word and bring something to sit on and be prepared to stay for a possible long evening.

* The Bantam Gym is located at the Town Offices Annex on Doyle Road, the near corner of the Bantam Courthouse and Bantam Post Office building

Let us know your thoughts, anytime: PLANLitchfield @yahoo.com

Please donate generously, it’s expensive to oppose a $34 Billion corporation.
PLAN Litchfield, PO Box 1590, Litchfield, CT 06759


2 thoughts on “Fatal Flaw in S&S Application

  1. Look what happened to everyone on the East end down stream to the new Stop & shop in Torrington.Flooded again with no help from anyone.Can’t fill in wetlands with paved parking lot without any problems.

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